Dancing with the Social Trends

Trends across social channels change frequently depending on current events, shows, movies, news or time of the year. Companies are looking for their products or services to be top of conversation which represents the strength of the brand, or the likelihood that the brand is being discussed. If users repeatedly talk about your brand, this is a sign of passion. The goal is for the sentiment and passion of the discussion to skew positive over neutral or negative. Lastly, reach is the overall range of influence.

So, what’s trending right now? Dancing with the Stars. Social Mention indicates that Dancing DWTSwith the Stars has a 53% strength, 4:1 sentiment, 29% passion, and 38% reach. This topic is talked about an average of every 20 seconds by 132 unique authors and the overall sentiment skews neutral. Delzio (2015) indicates that one of the more important metrics is total interactions as it is an indicator that the audience is engaging with the content whether they are liking, sharing or commenting. This is the digital version of spreading via word-of-mouth. On the contrary, companies are looking for ROI and whether or not social media efforts are impacting the bottom line. This is a continued strain on social media managers as actual sales conversions are difficult to track across the customer journey through email marketing, traditional print or broadcast media, website traffic, and social platforms. The closest companies can come is to “track how overall business revenues and profits correlate to increasing or decreasing social media efforts” (Delzio, 2015).

While this topic may be trending, according to @DWTS_News, the Dancing with the Stars Premiere TV ratings were actually low. This, of course, could be in comparison to the previous season which is understandable due to other highly watched programs such as The Voice, 2 Broke Girls, The Following, and Family Guy airing at the same time on other networks. It is also interesting that the strength in Dancing with the Stars changes every day which puts the pressure on the network to keep the topic relevant. In order to do so, I’d recommend utilizing the celebrity influencers to spread the word about the show and/or product custom behind-the-scenes content, beyond the episodes and live rehearsal videos, that viewers can only get on their channels. The show should also consider asking for user generated content so that the audience feels like a part of the show. Lastly, sweepstakes to view the show live or win private dance lessons would be an extra bonus to capture attention.


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