If You Can’t Find It, You Won’t Watch It

Video is a powerful tool for marketers. Giraudie (2014) states, “In the span of a few minutes, videos can transport audiences to the front lines of an organization to experience compelling stories by sight and sound”. However, this transportation through a compelling storyline only occurs if the content grabs the audience through emotional, educational or humorous appeal. The length of a video should also be bite size as our attention spans continue to decrease. In fact, the average attention span dropped to 8 seconds in 2013 with the average length of a single internet video being watched for 2.7 minutes. Once the video tells the right story at the proper length, it must be posted at the right time that is both relevant and memorable. It is critical for proper descriptions and tags to be implemented for search engine optimization. It is of no benefit to a company if the audience cannot find it. Lastly, the video should not just be posted in a “spray and pray” manner, but supported with call-to-action links across multiple social platforms served up to the proper target audiences.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, which makes it the perfect platform to distribute video. Domino’s Pizza utilizes YouTube as part of their content distribution strategy. Domino’s Pizza currently has 4,833 YouTube subscribers since November 2007 and 1.8+ million views. To give a comparison, Pizza Hut has 14k submissions and 11+ million views and Papa John’s has over 4.7 million views in about the same time frame. Needless to say, Domino’s has some catching up and also some cleaning up. After a 2009 social media disaster of employees posting prank videos of unsanitary food-preparation practices, the brand needed to reinvent itself. Their solution was to listen and react. Their recent videos revolve around passionate employees and a positive work culture, new recipes with fresh ingredients, high-tech ordering solutions, leadership development and a couple of older campaign videos around Shark Week, March Madness and Super Bowl.

Measurement is just as important as the video content itself. Litt (2014) indicates that video is one of the most measurement mediums to add to social strategies. Fortunately, all their videos are under 4 minutes in length which is great for attention span; however 35% of their videos received fewer than 1,000 views. The top performing video was posted five years ago when Domino’s announced they were reinventing their recipe. Since then, their top performing videos are heavily focused on product, but they are few and far between. Key metrics to monitor include attention span/drop-off rate, views, likes, shares, and comment sentiment that can be accessed through YouTube Insights.

The pizza company’s YouTube channel consists of 45 videos, only one playlist and one channel subscriptions. First and foremost, subscribe to other channels. If you don’t follow others, they won’t follow you. This is a huge missed opportunity to interact and connect. Next, develop a more robust content strategy and produce videos that are more product-focused. Get customer testimonials, work with influencers in the space, and get creative. Rise above the noise by doing something different. Lastly, pay attention to community management and stand out by engaging in two-way communications (something that brands tend to forget about).



2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Find It, You Won’t Watch It

  1. A lot of brands are starting to use YouTube annotations to point viewers to their own website. Using an annotation like “learn more here” and link your audience back to your latest web content.


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