Essie “Steel-ing the Scene” on Vine

Impress me in six seconds. Go! This is the goal of Vine, the app that lets you create 6-second videos inviting you to “create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way” to share with friends and family. Vine is the strategic way for companies to tell their stories to a younger generation, ages 18-24, with attention spans shorter than goldfish. With over 40 million users, Vine is a platform that businesses should embrace.

One such company that has not yet jumped on the Vine bandwagon is nail polish giant Essie. With a vast social presence of over 1.3M followers on Facebook, 211K on Twitter, 10K+ on YouTube, 42k+ on Pinterest, and 1M on Instagram, there is clearly an opportunity for Essie to utilize some of their assets on Vine. How-to and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos are so popular right now and Essie is able to align with both. Topics could include hand care how-to videos or DIY nail art which are highly shareable. So, over the last 48 hours I took the liberty of exploring and creating Vine videos for the brand. Four Vine videos were originally produced on an iPhone 5 (low-quality equipment but it gets the job done) and posted once each day. Click here to view them all:



The objective behind these videos was to raise awareness that nail color is the best accessory and that Essie has the perfect shade for every style. Messaging varied to establish the product, its features as well as its function. Both stop-motion and regular video were used but there are so many different types that Essie could tap into.

With a young, female target audience that is chic and vibrant, the video topics are situations that every woman has or can picture themselves experiencing. “There are over 300 colors, how do I choose?” “I don’t need any more nail polish, but I don’t have THIS color.” “What color would match best with my outfit?” These are messages they and their friends will relate to. Even my friends chimed in on one of my Instagram posts:


In addition to simple videos with brief, colorful copy, I tagged @essiepolish in each post, added the post to the “Style” channel, and used the following hashtag strategy to ensure the content would be found in search: #essielove #essie #essienailpolish #essieaddict #nailpolish #nailart

In the short time frame of 48 hours, my 4 videos garnered 120 loops and 3 likes (and counting) and one Instagram post with 12 likes and 2 comments (note that my Instagram handle is private); but I have a small following. With the audience that Essie has, there is an increased reach potential. This content should be measured on total number of loops, likes, comments and if they post their Vines on their Twitter feed, they can garner even more favorites and retweets.

Essie is a brand known for its cleverly named bright colors proving that beauty is not just a pretty face. There is a color for every occasion from “chillato” on a hot summer day to “blushing bride” on your wedding day. Essie wants to be a part of every moment. Get your favorite colors today!


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