Small Plates for Big Conversation

The idea of small plates is not a new one and has been trending for over a decade. Plates where you can order more than one to grant you the satisfaction of trying a little bit of everything. I love small plates. In fact, I could live off tapas and desserts (and maybe a little Sangria) every day. So, this got me thinking. As I enjoyed a lovely small plate of crab cake at Battery Gardens in NYC, I came to the realization that small plates that can really pull you in. They are small enough to digest, extremely enjoyable, and probably end up costing you a little more than anticipated. At the end of the meal, you don’t even care the cost, because you had such a great timeĀ eating and conversing with company.

So how is this any different than social media? We are all looking for those “small plates” on social media that get us in the conversation. For businesses, this means developing bits and pieces of content to distribute more frequently as opposed to waiting for huge campaigns to hit. Don’t serve the main dish and be done. It’s the small, digestible pieces of content that are going to make your customers happiest and give you the biggest return.


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