From Feline to Digital Microchips to Track What’s Important to You

In honor of #NationalDogDay, it got me thinking about chips. No, not chocolate chips (yum!), but microchips. We are encouraged to insert these latest technology chips into our feline friends so that God forbid they get lost, we are able to find them. It’s a mini GPS for our pets, and now there are even mini GPSs for our stuff, like StickNFind. I’m sure you can relate to not remembering phone numbers anymore because they are already plugged into your phone. Now, you don’t even have to remember where you put your stuff. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could apply the same technology to social media so we never lose track of our content?

Well you’re in luck because the technology already exists. When it comes to social media, search engine optimization and tags are like digital microchips for your content so you can track its performance on the native social platform or on sites like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Bitly, Radian6, etc.

The challenge, however, is getting your target audience to be sure to tag you when they share your content. What if an online media publication or hot shot journalist decided to repost your content without sharing from your page or tagging your brand? How would you be able to truly track the reach and impressions? Queue social listening tools. Invest in social listening tools that scan the web for your branded content such as TweetReach, and Sysomos. The platforms are so advanced now, that they make it easy to gain insight into your content. The trick is to make sure you are familiar with the dashboards and also tagging your content appropriately.


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