Avoid a Costume Nightmare

As Halloween sneaks up on us, it’s time to brace ourselves for the overload of costume selfies that will surely invade our social media channels. I mean, there is no other reason to dress up other than to be able to show it off online, right? So, it’s important for your costume to be on point and, of course, original. No one wants to be seen out wearing the same outfit as someone else,  eek! Well you’re in luck. Google Frightgeist conjures up the most popular Halloween costumes this year based national trends in costume searches. Nationally, these are the top 5 most popular costumes:

#1. Harley Quinn

#2. Star Wars

#3. Superhero

#4. Pirate

#5. Batman

So, if you’re still searching for a costume, just be sure not to get one of these if you’re looking to stand out. Interestingly, #100 on the list is a Tiger, #200 is Elvis Presley, and #500 is a Spartan. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a costume, type in an idea and if it is not even listed…go for it!


Yin Yang of Social Media

I think we can agree that creativity and technology work together for social media effectiveness. The right visuals displayed using the right technology and media will garner the impressions you’re looking for. Or will they? Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not that easy. There is so much noise and distraction online that your content may be overlooked. While we all want our content to be earned media that goes viral, so too do millions of other people. So how do companies keep pace in this competitive landscape?

Consider paid media and earned media as the yin and yang of social media marketing with paid media being the negative, “shady” side and earned media being the positive, “sunny” side. Ad Age indicates, “The advertising-averse consumer disdains just one side of the marketing mix: paid media. Meanwhile, earned media is doing what its always done, gathering and holding the collective attention of those who wish to consume it.”

Paid media can bully your online experience serving up ads when you don’t want to see them; but without them, you may never earn any media. As Sarah Hofstetter, 360i CEO, states, “Your paid work can spark greater earned interest”. Paid media is what buys eyeballs, because at the end of the day your content cannot be shared if it is never seen. Earned media has more strength and power in conversation and conversion, but they work together. You have to look at it in totality.