Goodbye Cookbooks. Hello Social Media.

With the falling of the leaves and chilling of the air, it’s time for some hot chocolate, apple cider and maybe some homemade banana bread. But, where can I find the best recipes? Gone are the nostalgic days of browsing Barnes and Noble for a visually stunning cookbook with delicious recipes that would make your mouth water. Today, the advent of the Internet and social media lets both professional and amateur chefs share their latest and greatest creations instantaneously. Sites like the Food Network, AllRecipes and BakeSpace make it easy to find not only the recipe you are looking for, but various iterations of how to make the same dish. In fact, roughly 49% of consumers learn about food through social networks and are turning to social media to post photos of what they cook and eat (or wish they could cook and eat). And let’s face it, the best posts are the comparison photos of what it’s supposed to look like…and then what you actually make.

While I am a fan of browsing recipes on specific food websites (i.e. Pinterest), I think there is a limit to how many food photos people should be posting to their own Instagram feed. Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of a post here and there, but let’s be sporadic about it people. I don’t need to see your entire food diary (especially if you cooked it, and let’s be honest, you aren’t the best at food placement). However, if you are an aspiring chef, developing your own recipes from scratch and are an artist when it comes to finding your way around a plate, by all means I look forward to seeing what you have to offer (as well as an invitation to your next dinner party!).