How To Breed Loyalty

Some may say that dogs are loyal because we feed and shelter them, but I think it’s way more than that. Dogs are pack animals. They need that sense of belonging. Even if you leave them alone for a couple hours or take them to the dreaded vet for shots, they will still love you. They will still greet you at the door wagging their tail like they haven’t seen you in days; they will lick you with kisses like your face is an ice cream pop; and they will cuddle on your lap like there is no place else to sit.

Isn’t this unconditional love what every company wants for their brand? The key, then, is to treat them like the family they are. Pay attention to them and build relationships that they can trust. According to Forbes (2015), “successful brands must build loyalty among their customers so they will keep coming back for more”. Three ways to build loyalty is to inspire people through emotion, communicate core values and content that your audience can relate to, and do it with consistency. With today’s growing consumer demands, people are not hesitant to switch brands. They are no longer brand loyal: “With today’s savvy consumer, it’s imperative that brands focus on how to better interact with them, how to build stronger relationships, and how to ensure that those relationships generate trust and meaningful engagement over time.”

Social media is the pinnacle platform for relationship building. It provides a free pass to communicate with your audience every day. Post content that will inspire them and be sure to respond to their comments like you are talking to family. Show them love by surprising and delighting. This is how to create meaningful brand loyalty. Build your pack. Don’t be a lone wolf.