Twitter Breaking Through the Fashion Week Clutter

What does Twitter tweet about? I’ll tell you. Fashion. According to The Next Web, in 2010 Twitter was taking advantage of its own platform to become a one-stop microsite to track news and comments during New York Fashion Week. The strategy was to engage with the audience where they were – Twitter – and collaborate with multiple fashion companies to curate content and conversation in one spot. In a space that is cluttered daily during a high profile event, the strategy effectively served up topics that were of interest whether runway news, designer interviews, or behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Sponsored by American Express, the microsite “takes the difficulty out of understanding information through just a hashtag (#NYFW) by displaying tweets in a highly organized, and highly visual, way”. When it comes to breaking through the clutter, content marketing is about creative inspiration. It is about thinking beyond the product and into the minds of what the audience wants to see. And do it in a way that is visually stimulating.


The strategy must have been effective as Fendi followed suit a couple years later in Milan featuring interactive and behind-the-scenes content on their own microsite. While Twitter did not experience any challenges with this strategy, brands are the ones that should be careful that they don’t start deterring their audience from their brand’s main website.The downfall of digital fashion week campaigns is the controversy over whether Fashion Week should remain a private, exclusive event or whether it should be broadcast digitally. The pitfalls with creating a microsite include competing for attention with the 571 new websites that are being created every minute, the under-optimized SEO ranking, and the lack of long-term relevancy. In fact, the @nyfw and @fashionweek handles that were created by Twitter are no longer even active. On the bright side, collaborating across companies to provide a better online experience for the users is a key tactic I’d be interested in learning more about regarding whether it has proven successful across other brands and industries.

Fendi Social Wall